Daughter Birthday Wishes

Daughter Birthday Verses Wishes

A Daughter is a little girl, who will learn all about life from watching her mother and father. She more often than not grows up to be her mother’s best friend and a father’s pride, and joy. A daughter is the one who will soften the edges of her father’s heart and bring out emotions, he never knew he had. She is the one who has got him wrapped around her little finger and is the apple of his eye, he, her protector. Daughters bring a lifetime of love, into the lives of their parents. – Daughter Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday Wishes Verses For Daughter

Daughter Parents Poem

A daughter is gods gift to us
she’s love, sweetness and more –
She’s heaven sent, for us to love
that I know for sure.

So daughter on your birthday, this wish
comes, with love for you, in mind –
For all the things that you dream of
and for all you hope to find.

Happy Birthday Darling Daughter

By – Jesse Marshall

Daughter Parents Poem

A daughter, from a young age
keeps us on our toes –
In teenage years, they drive us crazy
through many highs and lows.

The many times she’s made me laugh
and even at times cry –
That’s the joys of growing up
but, she’s my best alibi.

I’ll always need my daughter
no matter what my age –
She’ll always be, my best friend
in life, at any stage.

Happy Birthday To
My Daughter And Alibi
I Love You With
All My Heart.

By – Jesse Marshall

Dear daughter, you are precious
and have been, right from the start –
Blessed with a precious baby girl
who flat-out stole my heart.

She grew a little, every year
until she was fully grown –
And now she is a woman
who takes care of her own.

And each year on your birthday
you’re loved a little more –
And wished the very best of things
that you’ve been longing for.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl

By Jesse Marshall

My daughter, you’re so special
always, a helping hand to lend –
What would I do without you?
my daughter, my best friend.

And on your birthday sweetheart
I’d like to thank you so –
I wish you, the best of everything
everywhere you go.

Happy Birthday To A
Most Treasured Daughter

By – Jesse Marshall

Ten little fingers
ten little toes –
How proud I was
nobody knows.

A beautiful daughter
handed to me –
Was my very own
and would always be.

And now she’s all grown
so beautiful and smart –
She was a priceless gift
right from the start.

Happy Birthday
To My Amazing Daughter

By – Jesse Marshall

Daughter, you mean the world to me
and I’m always here for you –
If you fall, I’ll pick you up
that’s just, what I would do.

No matter what, you need in life
just know, that I’ll be there –
If you can’t do it, on your own
problems are there to share.

And now that it’s your birthday
and no matter, what comes your way –
I love you and I’m always here
to brighten up your every day.

My Daughter, I Adore You
Happy Birthday With
All My Love.

By – Jesse Marshall

Daughter, life is hard at times
we fail, we fall and can’t cope –
But pain will end, to rise again
with new strength, sunshine and hope.

With each year, you will grow stronger
and your birthday is to remind you –
That you have conquered another year
and now that is behind you.

So have a happy day, my love
it’s always darkest, before the dawn –
You are strong, kind and beautiful
so be happy, get up and go on –

Happy Birthday Sweetheart
You Are Loved Beyond Words

By – Jesse Marshall

My daughter, you’ve grown up to be
so beautiful, sweet and kind –
You truly are a gift to me
the best, this world could find.

You’re gifted in so many ways
you give all that you’ve got –
You never give up trying
EVER, no matter what.

So I’d like to tell you, on your birthday
how proud I am, of the things you do –
And I’ll pray that what, you want the most
will come back, tenfold to you.

Happy Birthday To
The Sweetest Daughter Ever

By – Jesse Marshall

My daughter, you’re my best friend
and I feel, so very blessed –
That we’re as close, as we are
there’s nothing, I like best.

We do everything together
I simply am elated –
To have you as a daughter
Should be celebrated.

And now that it’s your birthday
I want to tell you that it’s true –
That I have never, felt happier
and it’s all because of you.

Thank You, Darling Daughter
And My Dearest Friend

By – Jesse Marshall

Dear daughter, on your birthday
I want to tell you, dear –
That you mean, so much to me
and a little more, each year

And sometimes we forget to say
those words, we already know –
That you mean the world to me
and I get to tell you so.

Happy Birthday Beautiful

By – Jesse Marshall

Daddy Daughter Poem

Daddy’s little girl
you will always be known –
No matter what your age
or how much you have grown.

Your daddy loves you very much
a princess through and through –
I am your guardian angel
and I’ll always be there for you.

Today is your birthday
and you could do no wrong –
You have my heart, as
you’ve had, all along.

Happy birthday Sweetiepie
Daddy Loves You

By – Jesse Marshall

A fine young woman stands before me
she’s one, that I adore –
She’s all that, I hoped she’d be
her morals, beauty and more.

She lights up a room, with just a smile
I truly have been blessed –
With all my heart, I love her so
she simply is the best.

By – Jesse Marshall

Poem Dad To Daughter

Daughter, you’re amazing
so beautiful, sweet and kind –
You are my pride and joy
the loveliest, you will find.

Just remember, I am here for you
be it, night or day –
I am your dad and you’re my girl
and I’m not going away.

And on your birthday, sweetheart
keep this thought in your heart –
That I have always loved you
right from the very start.

Happy Birthday Gorgeous Girl

By – Jesse Marshall

All Daughter birthday verses are the original writings and property of Jesse Marshall.