Dad Birthday Wishes

Dad Birthday Verses Wishes

A father is a very important member of any family unit. He spends most of his years working hard to take care of his family. He is a provider, a protector, a taxi driver and most of all he’s your dad. As he takes care of his children, so should his children give back to their fathers, with a token of appreciation on occasions, such as his birthday. I have written some short Father Birthday Verses for you to use in your dad’s birthday cards. – Dad Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday Dad Verses Wishes For Your Father To Write

You’re everything a dad should be
kind, caring and strong –
A dad with such great morals
who showed me, right from wrong.

And for all those, great things you are
that you think, that I don’t see –
Be sure to know, dad, that I do
and they mean, the world to me.

Happy Birthday
To The Best Dad Ever

By – Jesse Marshall

Dear dad, you are loved so much
far more than you could tell –
No just me, or the family
but by those, who know you as well.

Happy Birthday
To The Greatest Dad

By – Jesse Marshall

Being a wonderful father
comes naturally to you –
You seem to know just what to say
and always what to do.

So on your birthday today
I just wanted you to know –
That I love you, to the moon and back
and I am so proud to tell you so.

I Love You So Much Dad
Happy Birthday

By – Jesse Marshall

A father is a special man
who always tries his best –
He works hard, for his family
and he never seems to rest.

But today is your birthday, dad
and it’s time, you took a break –
To do the things, you love the most
it’s time, you need to take.

We know, that you love us
and we love you too –
But working on your birthday, dad
it really, just won’t do.

Happy Birthday Dad
It’s Your Day Off

By – Jesse Marshall

Dear Daddy on your birthday
I’ve got something, to tell you –
That I love you very much
and I hope you love me too.

Happy Birthday Daddy
I Love You

By – Jesse Marshall

You’re such a wonderful dad
and so often, it doesn’t show –
Just how much we love you
far more than you would know.

And now it is your birthday
it’s a great time to say –
That you mean the world to us
every single day.

Happy Birthday Dearest Dad

By – Jesse Marshall

Dearest dad, you’ve taught us well
throughout all these years –
The many great things you’ve told us
the laughter love and tears.

Our mentor our teacher
our adviser, our guide –
You helped us through all
the things that we’ve tried.

You were once just our father
but now our friend too –
We’re ever so glad
to have a dad like you.

Happy Birthday
To A Great Dad

By – Jesse Marshall

You deserve the best birthday ever
from the beginning, ’til the end –
As you simply are, the greatest dad
and your son’s, closest friend.

Happy Birthday
To A Great Dad
And Friend

By – Jesse Marshall

Just want to let you know, dad
now that your birthday’s here –
That I love you, more than you know
each day of the year.

Happy Birthday Dear Dad

By – Jesse Marshall

Dearest dad, you are the best
and at times, words are too few –
And it’s nice to know, you’re appreciated
for, all the things you do.

And so on your birthday
it’s warming, for you to know –
That we love you, so much more
and want to tell you so.

Happy Birthday Dad
I Love You

By – Jesse Marshall

All Dad birthday verses are the original writings and property of Jesse Marshall.